Stay Safe – Off the Court

Online safety is important. Not all internet users have good intentions and when you’re using the internet here at or anywhere else, please follow these important safety tips:

  • Keep your personal information personal and if you’re unsure about what to share, talk to your parents for advice. Never give out information that can let others identify you personally such as your address, school name or phone number.
  • Understand the privacy policy and terms of use of the sites you use. Read our Privacy Policy here and our Terms of Use here.
  • Share your online activities with your parents and discuss safe internet use.
  • Be careful with outside links. We are keeping safe for you and your computer, but we cannot guarantee that others will do the same.
  • Use reliable and strong Anti-Spy and Anti-Virus protection software to prevent information theft.
  • Always remember that what you put on the internet can stay there forever. Only post information that you’d be comfortable with your teachers, employers, college recruiters, and parents seeing. You wouldn’t want to lose a scholarship or job you worked hard for because of one bad choice of internet content.
  • No bullying or inappropriate behavior is allowed on This site is designed to be a place for all athletes to learn and grow as budding superstars. Keep insults, bullying, and negative comments off the site or you could lose your profile. If you are the victim of cyberbullying, contact and we'll handle the offenders.
  • To learn more about online safety, visit Childnet, Connect Safely, and TrendMicro.